"the mandala is so much more than a picture or art. It is a means to
heightened awareness, inner peace and harmony. Each work contains a
unique energy which resonates within and transforms the viewer."

                                                                                    Marcia Lupo, Artist
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The Mandalas of
  Marcia Lupo
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Mandala Nature's Beauty
Mandala Afterglow
mandala Eternal Lotus Flower
Mandala Beginnings
Mandala Perfect Balance
"Belezas da Natureza"
(Nature's Beauty)
"Flor de Lotus Eterna"
(Eternal Lotus Flower)
Mandala Radiant Sun
Mandala The Peace Within
Mandala Expanding Universe
"Universo Expansivo"
(Expanding Universe)
"Equilibrio Perfeito"
(Perfect Balance)
"A Paz Interna"
(The Peace Within)
"Sol Radiante"
(Radiant Sun)
Mandala Sea of Bliss
Mandala Renewal
Mandala Divine Unfolding
"Desdobramento Divino"
(Divine Unfolding)
Mandala: Summer's Delight
"Deleito de Verão"
(Summer's Delight)
Mandala Venus
Mandalas Color of Hapiness
"A Cor da Felicidade"
(Color of Hapiness)
"O Movimento da Vida"
(Life in Movement)
"Energia em Movimento"
(Energy in Movement)
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"Centro de Luz"
(Center of Light)
"Fragmentos do Coração"
(A Piece of my Heart)